Synod Overview
Over the next several years, the Church around the world will be participating in a process called the Synod on Synodality. The Holy Father will be meeting with Bishops from across the globe in 2023 to discuss ways of improving the process by which the church communicates on all levels, and is open to hearing the voices of people from all walks of life. The long-term goal is to rebuild the local church in decision-making processes through communion, participation, and mission.

Listening Survey
The process begins here in Raynham now, with asking as many people as possible to take a simple survey. The survey will be sent out to each parishioner’s home and/or can pick up a copy at each Church door. Please complete the listening survey and drop it in the collection basket during Mass or in the collection box at the main entrance of the church throughout the workweek or weekend. The survey is available on this website here. All responses are anonymous, no contact information or personal disclosure specifics are required.

The Listening Survey ends Sunday, January 16, 2022.

Synod Initiative
The preparatory step in the synodal phase is the gathering of the faithful individually, as a parish family. Hopefully, with the information we collect through listening, gathering, sharing about our faith journey and its importance, we may benefit from a deeper faith and a stronger relationship with our Lord, each other, and our church.

Three Synodal Invitations
All sessions will be held in St. Ann’s Parish Center on Saturday’s (Noon to 3:00pm) January 29th: “Baptismal Mission, journey to invite others to Christ” February 26th: “Lenten Journey “Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving” what could that look like June 4th: “Pentecost, walking with the Holy Spirit”

Synodal Event Planning Team
Inviting you to be part of planning these special events by sharing your time, sharing your creative ideas, or sharing the treasures of your faith with this gathering or possibly at one of the upcoming Synodal Invitations. Please contact Deacon Paul Spearin by email at or cell 508-567-7155.

Please sign up for the Saturday, January 29th session by January 21st. It is very important that we have a number of how many are attending so we can plan the event.