Has been working with Catholic churches, convents, schools, homes, and other organizations in helping to recycle any Religious items that are no longer needed. We all have those old prayer books (not missalettes), rosaries, crosses, medals, framed pictures, small statues. objects that were blessed have no use for anymore we don’t know what to do with. Saint Mary Recycle Mission group will take these old Religious items and either repair or refurbish them and then offer them to places that so desperately need them. (I.E.) In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many people who lost so many of their beloved crosses, rosaries, etc. were the beneficiaries of the religious objects donated to Saint Mary’s Recycle Mission Group.

***If you find you have religious objects that you need to dispose of, don’t throw them in the dumpster….bring them to church and leave them in the containers located at the doors of the church. Thanks!