Mass Intentions – Prayers for the Sick

April 20 – April 28

Weekly Mass Intentions

SaturdayApril 20th4:00pmSherri Moreau
SundayApril 21st8:00amJose Valadao,Maria Valadao,Manuel Brasil,
And Tome Valadao

11:00amJohn Macedo

5:00pmFor the Parishioners of St. Ann’s
MondayApril 22nd7:30amFrank and Brenda Campbell
TuesdayApril 23rd7:30amEdward and Barbara Laughlin
WednesdayApril 24th7:30amSelina Oehmen
ThursdayApril 25th7:30amJosé Santos
FridayApril 26th7:30amThe deceased members of the Campbell family
SaturdayApril 27th8:00amDennis Carvalho

4:00pmBob Cowan
SundayApril 28th8:00amNicholas Souza

11:00amErik Matthew Lofstrand

5:00pmFor the Parishioners of St. Ann’s

Kindly remember in your prayers those who have died, especially Paul Lane, Eileen McNulty, and all whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Please remember in your prayers, all who are facing illness at this time:

Denise Cabral-Bumpus, Stephen Carroll, Karen Cavanagh, Lee Dillon,
Kevin Ellis, Shirley Ellis, Karen Howard, Paul Kane, Pat Keefe,
Brian Lewis, Margery Maher, James McGann, Carol McKenna,
Regan Piotti, Helen Smith, Thomas M. Timko,

and those whose names are listed in the book of prayers for the sick.

Parish Prayer List

Every other week the names of those for whom we are praying will be listed in the bulletin, with the permission of the person who is sick or their family. Please forward your prayer requests to Roberta Santos ( When making the request please leave your name and phone number. Should you wish to keep the name private, that will be honored.