Mass Intentions

8:00am      Monday         01/18   Racial Harmony
7:30am      Tuesday         01/19   Katherine McKinnon
7:30am      Wednesday   01/20  Cheryl Noblin
7:30am      Thursday       01/21   Jack Lynn
7:30am      Friday             01/22  Respect Life
8:00am     Saturday         01/23  Brenda Campbell

Kindly remember in your prayers those who have died, especially Margaret and Timothy Donovan, Evelyn and Thomas Lynskey, Timothy and Gertrude Donovan, and all whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Please remember in your prayers, all who are facing illness at this time:

Ted Arend, Kevin Balzerini, Paula Burgoyne, Alan Cekanavich, Madeline Coelho, Donald W. Comis, Mildred Ceurvels Drury, Holly Duarte, Michael Fraga, Paula Frost, John Jasper, Stephen Kirkland, Fred Lincoln, Nalida Luzza, Kim MacDonald, Patricia Parkinson, Helaine Pelletier, Patrick Quigley, Sandra Rosa, Doreen Schroth, Frank Simpson, Helen Smith, Josie Spearin, Ray St. Germaine, Jennifer K. Strachan,

and those whose names are listed in the book of prayers for the sick.

Parish Prayer List

Every other week the names of those for whom we are praying will be listed in the bulletin, with the permission of the person who is sick or their family. Please forward your prayer requests to Roberta Santos ( When making the request please leave your name and phone number. Should you wish to keep the name private, that will be honored.xx