Dear Friends,

Last Saturday I was asked to give the opening prayer on the opening day of soccer season for the Town of Raynham.

I was pleasantly surprised to be asked (as someone new to the Town) to pray at the youth event… but even more pleasantly surprised that our town still thinks enough to invite one of the local clergy to be part of that ceremony!

This gesture speaks volumes about what kind of a place Raynham is. It says to me that Raynham still has the “old town America” touch to it… and there’s nothing wrong with that! Catholic – Protestant – Jewish – all children of God… and all having the concerns and struggles of growing up in a country/society wherein we very often try to delete God and faith from the public forum.

No matter what the faith tradition… our young people need signs of God… signs of faith to give them somewhat of a moral compass to guide them as they grow.

Yet another reason why I am liking Raynham more and more by the day!

Have a great week!
Father Jim