On Saturday, April 24th, 14 of our second graders received their First Holy Communion:

Cooper Brown, Dylan Connolly, Dylan Fitch,
Madison Fitch, Brynn Grabowski, Emma Houghton,
Brynn Kennedy, Madison Kinney, Ella Morse,
Kyle Nichols, Corey Panaikas, Logan Silva,
Lucas Soares, and Nathan Wronski.

We congratulate them and their families, and we continue to pray for the students who will receive their First Holy Communion this weekend.

We again will be celebrating First Communion Mass on Saturday, May 8th, at noon. While this Mass will be limited to the students and their guests, they will be live-streamed on our parish website so that all may witness these beautiful events. Please keep our First Communion students in your prayers as they continue their journey of faith.