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Faith Formation Registration for 2022-2023

Thank you for enrolling your children in our Faith Formation program and for allowing us to assist you in passing our faith on to them. We’d like to send a huge thank you to all of you who volunteer your time as catechists, substitutes, and those who help in the office, at meetings, retreats, and other activities. We appreciate your commitment and participation in our Faith Formation program. The program simply could not succeed without you.

As you know, the catechists and substitute catechists that teach in our Faith Formation program are volunteers. Due to a large number of students in our program, we make every effort to keep our classes at a low student/teacher ratio. We ask you to consider assisting us as a catechist or office assistant (during class hours). Tuition is waived for the children of catechists and office assistants.

Grades 1 – 7
For this year, we will continue to offer multi grades at the same time in the hopes that it is helpful for parents with scheduling. Because of the large number of children attending our program, classes will continue to meet every other week for 90 minutes per session. Based on enrollment, we will try to offer two Sunday sessions and two weeknight sessions. If we do not have enough students signed up for any one session, we will alter the schedule accordingly. There are four different class options for students in grades 1-7. Students will be assigned to one class for the entire year based on your selection.

The schedule for 2022-2023 will be as follows:

Week 1
Option #1 Sunday Grades 1-7 will meet every other Sunday from 9:15 am – 10:45 am.
Option #2 Monday Grades 1-7 will meet every other Monday from 5:15 – 6:45 pm.

Week 2
Option #3 Sunday Grades 1-7 will meet every other Sunday from 9:15 – 10:45 am.
Option #4 Tuesday Grades 1-7 will meet every other Tuesday from 5:15 – 6:45 pm.

Homeschool classes will continue to be an option for families of students in grades 3-7 only. This is an online program. Students will be given a set number of days (approximately two weeks) to complete these assignments. Please note, this homeschool program is meant to be taught to children by their parents/guardians, this program is not intended for children to complete by themselves.

Grades 8-10
Our Confirmation program is a two-year program, and we are in the process of transitioning our grade 8-10 students as they prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation. There will be a change starting in the fall. Our plan is to have our students make their Confirmation as 9th graders beginning in the spring of 2024.
For that to happen, we must have our incoming 8th graders and 9th graders in the fall of 2022 participate in the first year of the Confirmation classes.

Grades 8 and 9 will meet from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm approximately every other Sunday.
Grade 10 will meet from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm alternating Sundays with grades 8 and 9.

This year we will be conducting our registration online. The link is  However, if you would like to print your registration, you are welcome to do so by printing out the PDF version of the registration forms  (Click here to download) and mailing them back to the office. If you are enrolling a new student in the program, you must include a copy of his/her baptismal certificate unless he or she was baptized here at St. Ann’s, Raynham. Catechists and classes are assigned in early July.
Therefore, all children – those already attending, new family members, and new residents entering the program for the first time – MUST BE REGISTERED AT THIS TIME.

Tuition Fees for 2022-2023
Grades 1 through 10………………….……………………$60/student
Homeschool (grades 3-7) …………………….……………$50/student
Family Tuition Cap…………………………………….…$150/family +fees
Sacramental Fees for 2022-2023
Grade 2 First Communion retreat fee……….…….……. $20/student
Grades 8/ 9 Retreat fee…………………………….…. $100/student
Grade 10 Confirmation – robe rental ……………………. $20/student

Checks may be made out to St Ann’s Church or online payments can be made using this link:

** There will be a $10 per student late fee added for those who register after July 1.
**Please note that there will be no refunds after August 1st**

If the fee is a hardship for your family, please contact Fr. Jim at 508-823-9833.

Parents are reminded that First Communion is a two-year program. Children must attend grades one and two to become eligible to receive First Communion in the Spring of the second year. Children attending parochial school are not required to attend classes here at St. Ann’s. Parochial school students planning on receiving First Communion here at St. Ann’s in Spring 2023, must be parishioners at St. Ann’s and should notify us at this time.

Confirmation preparation is a two-year program as well. Students must attend both grades eight/nine and ten to become eligible to receive Confirmation in the spring of their second year. Students enrolled in Catholic high schools are required by Diocesan statutes to attend Confirmation classes in their home parishes. These students should be registered at this time. Please note that students in our Confirmation Program are only allowed one missed class per year. Any additional missed classes may result in postponing their Confirmation to the following year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (508) 824-9021. Thank you.

On Tuesday, May 31st, Bishop da Cunha conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation to thirty-two of our young people:

Amanda Beatrice, Sophia Benoit, Caden Bento,
Sean Blackden, Ava Cibotti, Joseph Cucinotta,
Julianna Flores, Aleesha Genander, Kennedy Gregory,
Patrick Grenon, Leena Haikola, Chase Hartsell,
Brooke Hodge, Michael Jones, Aneilia Ladino,
Adrienne LaFrance, Marina Lavelle, Ryan Lavigne,
Joseph Manning, Abigail Matson, Caitlin McCarthy,
Nichole McIntosh, Joseph Medas, Kirstyn Mello,
Royana Pasquale, Lucy Peters, Nicole Possamai,
Jared Russo, James Schmidt III, Arianna Thrasher,
Owen Tripp, Lainey VanVoorhis, and Connor Walsh.

Our congratulations to these young men and women, to their parents, families, and sponsors. We thank our Faith Formation director Joan Lynn and our Confirmation leaders Tricia Cady, Sharyn Pasquale, and Chris Buckley for a job well done!

The recorded live stream of the Confirmation Mass is here:

The class photo may be downloaded here   

The group picture of the First Communion class of May 21. The full resolution photo is available here and is suitable for printing in a 12×8 format.
The First Communion Mass of May 21 may be viewed here:
First Holy Communion May 21 2022

The group picture of the First Communion class of May 14. The full resolution photo is available here by clicking here and is suitable for 8×10 printing.
The First Communion Mass of May 14th may be viewed here:


On Saturday, May 14th, 24 of our second graders received their First Communion:

Callie Cantrell, Makayla Daly, Antonio Fiorini, Bria Flores, Morgan Freitas, Julia Gago,
Samuel Guidaboni, Emerson Gunville, Ryan Hile, Jacob Konopacki, Ava Lawrence,
Lila Lemanski, Julian Anthony LesBordes, Benjamin McKinnon, Mae Murray, Mya Paulicelli,
Cristiano Rebelo, Demarco Reis, Mason Rogers, Sophie Rawlins, Benjamin Schleicher,
Peyton Stankewicz, Henry Swanson, Alexa Thrasher.

On Saturday, May 21st, 32 of our second graders received their First Communion:

Emersyn Botelho, Ethan Carrigan, Andrew Corliss,
Benjamin Correia, Louis D’Amarino, Angelo DaSilva,
Olivia DeMello, Hannah DiFalco, Eva Eacobacci,
Leland Eacobacci, Grace Emmons, Madeline Fahey,
Ellie Glen, Gray Griffin, Andella Hrenko, Camryn Jolly,
Carys Jones, Kylie Kuskoski, Kenneth LaFrance,
Giovanni Luciano, Sandra Macharia, Madeline Martin,
McKenna Martin, Michael Milnamow, Brea Morse,
Blake Niccoli, Zachary Roy, Edward Ryan,
Annabelle Schidlmeier, Audrey Sousa, Giana
Zanellato, Juliana Zechello.

We congratulate them and their families, and all the second-grade students who received their First Holy Communion at St. Ann’s Church this year.

Updated Religious Education calendar.

Here is a revised calendar for the in-person class schedule for the rest of this year.  Please note that the days and times have not changed for class meetings.  There is no impact or changes to our Home School program that continues to follow the schedule of assignments and due dates that was outlined in the fall.

The calendar is a PDF document that may be downloaded and printed by clicking here if desired.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at (508) 824-9021

Faith Formation Calendar 2021-022

Build a Bed

A huge shout out to the more than one hundred volunteers who came out on Saturday morning to help build twin beds for a very worthy program offered through the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. Last fall, our Faith Formation students sold candy bars as a fundraiser to cover the costs of materials for the beds as well as the mattresses and bedding. These beds will go to children in our area who currently do not sleep in their own beds each night. Due to the hard work of the children and the generosity of the parishioners of St Ann’s, they were able to raise enough funds to purchase 30 beds.

If you were not able to join us on Saturday, perhaps you drove passed the parking lot and saw the crowd of builders, finish carpenters, and supporters. Each team quickly learned how to work together, follow directions and have fun as they worked toward the finished product of one bed per team.

We also were fortunate to have volunteers who helped with registration, refreshments, and general support for such a large undertaking. Thank you to those folks as well. A reporter from the Taunton Gazette was here to interview some of our volunteers and to take pictures. Be sure to check out the newspaper for more information and to see if you recognize any of the volunteers in the photos. We will be adding photos to our webpage in the next few days.

Thank you to everyone who made this such a success!

Joan Lynn
Director of Religious Education

In addition, this link is to an album of pictures taken by the Build A Bed coordinator.

Safe Environment Training

All parish volunteers need to complete a yearly CORI form.  Please bring a valid license with you so that a copy can be included in your CORI packet.  The Diocese of Fall River requires all new volunteers (over the age of 16) to complete the Safe Environments Training.  This training can be done online.  Once completed, please print a copy of your training certificate to be sent with your packet.   Click here for the Safe Environment Training.

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