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Dear Families:

Without a doubt, this season of Lent feels like none I have ever experienced. With COVID-19 keeping everyone at a social distance, things are rather unsettling. My husband and I were talking the other night; we feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the unknowns and mixed messages on the news and social media. Knowing this is how we feel, we recognize how deeply this is impacting our children.

As adults seek to gain control over this situation by purchasing a years’ worth of toilet paper and assortments of canned products that they hope to never need to eat, many children are left feeling a bit out of control. However, there is so much our children can do for others. Here are a few suggestions:

§ Give grandparents and family members phone calls

§ Set aside time to play a game/activity with a sibling

§ Send an email to a teacher letting them know that you appreciate them

§ Make a Thank-you poster for your windows to thank the unsung heroes facing COVID-19 head-on

o Medical Professionals

o Retail Workers

o Trucker Drivers

o Delivery personal and Postal Service

§ Get creative and make your own Easter Cards to send to loved ones

§ Have some family fun through FaceTime and WhatsApp. When you think outside the box you can play a variety of games at a distance, charades, Yahtzee, etc. This interaction just may brighten some else’s day as well as their own.

As Easter approaches many have asked me for copies of the Gospel Weekly handouts that their children used in Faith Formation. I have copies of these for each child in our program and am happy to have these available for you to pick up. However, there is also a digital version available online. If you follow this link you will find the weekly handouts. In class K&1 used Promise, 2&3 Good News, 4&5 Venture, and 6+ Visions. If you would like access to the complete lesson plans you can login at and register for an account using the information below.

Gospel Weeklies Website:
Parish Registration Code: 1140065

Once registered, you can select the program your child is working on (please note that we have grade 6 using Visions which is different from the program) and locate the teaching guide for unit 4. This guide is especially helpful when working with the Promise program. Feel free to explore the other resources available as well such as unit overviews, videos and more.

This is a resource for families who want it, it is not required. Unless otherwise discussed, students will not be penalized for worked missed from March 15th. Students who missed classes before March 15th and were assigned make-up handouts will still need to complete their make-up assignments.

Finally, there are also many who are looking for Mass-from-Home options. The Diocese of Fall River has kindly put together this resource for us. This includes options for those with cable, as well as those who have cut the cord to cable. Please explore this link to find an option that works for your family. We hope to begin offering Masses from St. Ann’s this weekend, please stay tuned for details on this.

The Office of Faith Formation open Monday-Thursday 9:00am to 3:00am by appointment only. The church is open for all those picking up requested resources, turning in Confirmation documents, Faith Formation banners and homeschool work, and for those looking for a moment of prayer. The church will be open weekdays from 7:00am to 3:00pm and weekends 8:00am to 3:00pm. Please let me know if there is anything you need for Faith Formation support during this difficult time.

God bless you and your families!

Thank you,
Jenn Murphy

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First Communion Dates – 2020

May 3rd
Ms. Dahlin
Mrs. Benoit

May 10th
Mrs. Hartsell
Mrs. Glen

May 17th
Mr. LeBlanc
Mrs. Rice

Confirmation 2020 dates will be posted as soon as they are received from the Fall River Diocese.


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