Child Protection and Safe Environment

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Diocese of Fall River remains committed to creating a culture of child protection and a safe environment. To this end, the diocesan policy requires all who minister, work, or volunteer in the Diocese to complete background screening and training and agree to a code of conduct. One of the ways our parish creates a culture of protection is by teaching the Circle of Grace safe environment curriculum to all enrolled in our Faith Formation program. In an age-appropriate manner, Circle of Grace teaches children and youth personal safety skills, including recognizing physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries, identifying trusted adults, and taking action if boundary violations occur. The Diocese of Fall River stands firm in its commitment to report abuse to law enforcement and cooperate with investigations. Incidents of abuse can be reported by contacting local law enforcement directly and by contacting the Diocesan Director of Safe Environment and Victim Assistance, Carolyn Shipp, at 508-985-6508 (confidential voicemail), or She can assist you in making a report and support you through the process.