The Catholic Appeal begins today. This is an important endeavor to fund the ministries of the Diocese of Fall River. Please prayerfully consider pledging or donating to this Appeal. Without your support, our Diocese would not be able to conduct the significant ministries which assist so many in various ways.

If you have given in the past, please think about giving a little more this year. If you have not given in the past, please let this year be the start of a new practice. If you are unable to give please pray for the success of the Appeal. No gift is too small, or too large.

A pledge allows you to give more (this is what I do). A one-time donation can also be made. There are various options to do this. It can be done online, through the mailing you received at home, or with the envelopes at the front door of the Church. The link below will bring to this year’s video.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Fr. John