Sunday July 20, 2014
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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He proposed another parable to them.“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a person tookand sowed in a field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants. It becomes a large bush, and the ‘birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches.’”   Matthew 13: 24-43

Faith Formation News

Please Consider Volunteering to Teach!

We are blessed to have over 500 families with children enrolled in our Faith Formation program. Parents are the primary teachers of our faith to their children, and our program acts as a secondary teacher. We work together to educate your children in as many aspects of our Catholic Faith as we are able.

Over 800 students are enrolled in our program, which means that we need to provide close to 100 classes for these students. These classes are led by the many volunteers that we depend on. We are in need of a great number of teachers for the fall. If you have a child in our program, are a confirmed, practicing Catholic please consider volunteering to teach. We have many parents who co-teach to help with busy schedules.  If you are interested, or have any questions for us, please contact Lisa Donahue or Kristin Kreckler at (508) 824-9021 or email us at     Thank you!

Grade Teachers
Meeting Day Time
2 1 every Sunday 9:45am -10:45am
3 3 every other Saturday 10:30am - noon
4 1 every other Saturday 10:30am - noon
5 3 every other Monday 6:30pm – 8:00pm
6 3 every other Monday 6:30pm – 8:00pm
7 2 every other Tuesday 6:30pm – 8:00pm
8 3 every other Tuesday 6:30pm – 8:00pm


Vacation Bible School - Save The Dates!

There are still openings for our Vacation Bible School “Weird Animals: Where Jesus’ Love is One-of-a-Kind!”  Registration forms are located at the entrances of the Church; please fill out both sides of the form.  Cost is $50/student. Please mail form and check to St. Ann’s Church, PO Box 247, Raynham Ctr., MA 02768.  For more information contact Nelly Majer by email at or call 508-880-3416.
Check out some of the cool music video samples here, here, and here

Adult Volunteers Needed!
Vacation Bible School

If you are interested in volunteering for Vacation Bible School, which will be held the week of July 28th–August 1st, please contact Nelly Majer at 508-880-3416 or

First Communion Photos

There are First Communion photos waiting to be picked up in the Vesting Room.

Parish News & Events

Parish News

The new offices are up and running!  Many thanks to the wonderful parish staff here at St. Ann's and some volunteers who helped make the transition to the parish center so smooth. It is our hope that this will assist us in serving you better.

Lectors - Eucharistic Ministers - Altar Servers

The July - September Eucharistic Minister, Lector and Altar Server schedule is available for download by clicking here

Mission Appeal

Next weekend we will welcome Fr. John Wykes of the Oblates of The Virgin Mary.  Fr. John will speak at all the Masses on behalf of the work his community does in the Philippines. 


Are you or someone you know interested in becoming Catholic?  Please let us know!  The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a journey of faith and understanding.  The process begins in the fall and concludes at the Easter Vigil.  Please contact Fr. John at the parish office (508-823-9833) if you would like to learn more. 

Women's Retreat

August 16: Seeking Joy!

A retreat day for Women. Are Joy and Happiness the same? How can we find joy in the midst of sorrow or stress? Discover the answers through Saints, Sacraments and Scripture. 9:00am to 3:00pm. $25 includes lunch. For More Info or to register visit: By mail send name, contact info and fee to PO Box 784, Raynham Ctr, MA 02768,or call Allison Gingras at 508-243-1133.

St Ann's Knights of Columbus

The recipient of the Knight of the Year Award 2013 - 2014, given to John J. Kourtz, Sr. for dedicated service to the St Ann's K of C council, church and parish community. Congratulations!! 

St. Ann's Sociable Seniors

No meeting will be held in July.  Our annual picnic will be in August.  Regular meetings will begin in September, 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10:30am.  Wishing everyone a very happy summer!

Coffee & Donuts On Hiatus

We are giving the bakers and the workers a well-deserved break as a way of saying thanks for their help this past year. We want to thank Bev Morgan for overseeing this activity, and Tim Holick and Ed Ennes, our “bakers.”  We are grateful to all of the volunteers who assist in this social activity. Coffee and Donuts will return in September.

Parish Necrology

Each week, our parish necrology – a listing of the anniversaries of those parish members who have gone before us – is published. We ask that you keep these folks in your prayers, particularly on the anniversary of their death.  
Fr. John

Note - Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the entire necrology for July.

Parish Social - Save The Date!

This year’s Parish Social will be held on Saturday, October 18th, at the Stoneforge Tavern & Publick House in Raynham. 

Fall River Diocese 
Area Schools

Fall River Diocese 
News and Events

Area Daily Mass Schedules

St. Thomas Aquinas, Bridgewater   St. Jude the Apostle, Taunton
Monday – Friday 7:00am & 9:00am,
Saturday 9:00am
  Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday 9:00am
Holy Cross, South Easton    Holy Family, East Taunton
Monday – Friday 9:00am   Monday – Saturday 8:00am

St. Ann's On Facebook

St. Ann's Parish is on Facebook! Click the "Like" button below. Fr. John will be posting to the group on a regular basis, so come converse with him on Facebook!  

Community Information
and Announcements

Hope Hospice Volunteers

Hope Hospice is looking for volunteers who want to make a lasting difference in the lives of patients and families.  There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities available that match your specialized expertise, unique talents and interest in caring for others.  Volunteer opportunities include providing emotional support and companionship, respite care to caregivers, pet therapy, Reiki, massage and administrative assistance.  All Volunteers participate in a comprehensive training program.  To learn more: contact,  call (508) 957-0270, or visit  Hope Hospice is part of the HopeHealth family of services. 

Become a Mentor Foster Parent

Make a difference in the life of a child from your own community. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in yours. As a foster parent, you will receive $350 tax free weekly stipend per child, 24/7 support and On-Going Skill Development. Foster Children have their own insurance and additional money that is available for clothing allowances, birthday’s & holidays. To change a life of a child in need in your community call today! Massachusetts MENTOR visit or call us at 508-995-3251 ext 5619.

Choose Life

St. Ann's Respect Life Ministry has a great suggestion for parishioners to take a stand for life.  All you need to do is change your license plate! The Massachusetts "Choose Life" license plate is a wonderful way to raise public awareness and much needed funding to support the positive choices of adoption and safe havens. To order "The Choose Life" plate, or for more information, visit Click on the "Purchase a Choose Life Plate" link for the Massachusetts RMV webpage.  It's easy and goes to a great cause - and you don't have to wait in line!

What Are The Requirements To Be A Godparent Or Sponsor?

In order to serve as a Godparent or sponsor, you must be a confirmed Catholic, at least 16 years old, registered in a parish and practicing your faith by weekly participation at Mass. If you are married your marriage must be recognized as valid by the Church.  If you have any questions about this, see either Fr.John or Deacon Joe.

Brookhaven Hospice Volunteer Training

Free Hospice Volunteer Training. We are seeking compassionate, caring people who would like to volunteer for our hospice company.  If you have spare time, would like to give back, or need volunteer hours, you could fulfill all of those, while enriching the lives of hospice patients.  We need people who would provide companionship, friendliness, and a kind heart to those who end of life patients.

If you, or someone you know, would like to attend a free training on being a hospice volunteer, please contact us.  Here at Brookhaven we believe in Celebrating Life.  For more information contact: Jenn Fenuccio Volunteer Coordinator at 855-820-4801.  Visit our web site


The Cancer Care Community Advisory Board – the CABbies – is an all volunteer group with a commitment to help patients and survivors of the greater Taunton area from their cancer diagnosis through treatment and beyond. We assist with short term financial assistance and a variety of other needs.

Please join us on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm in the Morton Hospital Cafeteria Annex or call Mary Machado at 508-823-4608 or Ginny Starvish at 508-828-7920 for assistance or more information.

The Office for Child Protection

The Office for Child Protection would like to remind those in ministry with our children to maintain appropriate boundaries at all times. Meeting alone in isolated areas, e-mailing or calling too much, being involved in too many of the minor’s activities, showing favoritism or giving special gifts and communicating with our youth over social networking sites such as MySpace and Face Book, violates appropriate boundaries in our relationships with young people.

If you would like more information about what types of interactions are inappropriate, please call Debora Jones at 508-674-4681.

The Sunday Mass

The Sunday Mass is now airing on ABC Family Channel from 6:30am to 7:00am each Sunday morning.

The Sunday Mass is produced by the Passionist Fathers and Brothers of New York City and is available on DirecTV (channel 311), DishTV (channel 180) and Comcast Cable (channel 26/HD 826). To early for you? Tivo it or watch it online at

Adoption by Choice

Adoption by Choice, a program of Catholic Social Services, provides confidential supportive pregnancy counseling to individuals experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. An unplanned pregnancy can sometimes mean making difficult but very important decisions. Our licensed counselors are available to meet with individuals and their families whenever they might need someone to share concerns about an unplanned pregnancy and the future of the baby.

Please call 508-674-4681 if you or someone you know might want to explore the agency’s services, and ask to speak with a pregnancy counselor. The Catholic Social Service website also provides additional information on our services:

Traveling? Mass Schedules Nationwide

For nationwide Mass times and locations, you may call 1-410-676-6000 or visit

Catholic TV On The Web

 Or click here to visit

New Words, Same Mass

Examining the New English Translation of the Mass

Why a new translation? Which prayers are changing? How will it affect our celebration of the Mass?

A video presentation explaining the changes to the Mass, given by Rev. Msgr. Stephen J. Avila, director of the Office for Worship of the Fall River Diocese and the Pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Mansfield, is available for viewing on Youtube in a five-part series. Links to the video are here:
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5


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A Word of Welcome to New Parishioners!

Please introduce yourselves to Fr. John or Deacon Joe so that we can better serve you.
We hope that you will become involved with our parish,
and we look forward to your presence and participation each week.
Sacrament Preparation
For information regarding Sacrament Preparation click here
Parish Bulletin
Parish bulletins can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here
We want to keep in touch with our parishioners 
It is important to let us know when one becomes homebound or enters a nursing home or long-term care so that we can touch base and see if they would like to receive Holy Communion.
Please help keep us informed of these changes.

July Necrology

July 6 Manuel P. Coelho 1965 July 11 Constance Moulaison 2013 July 18 Dillon M. Richard 2001
  James Carey 1971 July 12 Alice Berube 1972 July 19 Edward H. Torres 1980
  Armand Dusseault 1974   Jean C. Frates 1995   John P. Trucchi 1995
  Antone Cravenho, Jr. 1996   Mary M. Schanck 2008 July 20 Judith A Bird 1962
  Maria Brown 2003   Joan Leonard 2012   Agnes M. Carpenter 1966
July 7 Thomas Cardaci 1983 July 13 Karen Marie Sa 1966   Lillian Belanger 1978
  Jordan Muerling 2003   Lawrence V. Pike 1999   Lea Anne Boucher 1980
  Lucia Thomas 2003   Marilyn A. Tedeschi 2004   Dorothy A. Taylor 1990
  Anna Bumila 2007   Mary E. Brackett 2011   Rosemary G Fountain 1997
July 8 Rita LaBelle 1987 July 14 Frances McKinnon 1998 July 21 Elizabeth A. Collins 1988
  Daniel F. Rota 1990 July 15 William Terranova 1992   Helen Curry 1991
  Theresa Tokarz 2009   George E Dion, Sr 1993 July 22 Louis Prince 1971
July 9 Joseph Kulak 1970   Monica Menard 2010   Ruth Davis-Travers 1980
  Leon J. Cartier 1975 July 16 Evelyn Berube 1969   Ralph F. Mongiovi 1984
  Wallace D. Bousquet 1984   Lillian L. Moitozo 1989   Robert Peter Whitty 1994
  Arthur Louis Silva 1993   Virginia Fitzgerald 2000   Mary Evelyn Mackenzie 1997
  Elsie Zolga 2007   Madeline Ruth Czerny 2006   Isabelle A. Taft 2004
July 10 Richard Martin 2000 July 17 Beatrice E. (Thomas) Alden 1996 July 23 V. Virginia McManus 1980
  William Wilkinson 2000   Christine F. Flanagan 2001   Rita Frates 1987
  Dorothy Foley 2012   Cecile E. West 2004   Robert E. Norton, Jr. 2002
July 11 Alfred G. Moitozo 1983 July 18 August A. Lopes 1989 July 25 Eric John Litos 1995
  Lorraine White 2006   Mildred M.Thompson 1994 July 26 Clayton F. McRae 1982
        Thomas F. Smith 1994      


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